Spectrum Support Minerals
Spectrum Support Minerals
Spectrum Support Minerals
Spectrum Support Minerals
Spectrum Support Minerals
Spectrum Support Minerals
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Spectrum Support Minerals

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Optimally-absorbed, medium-intensity mineral supplement.

These are the standard minerals used with all of the regular Spectrum Support Formulas.  Our Spectrum Support Minerals are made without any added flavors; they are only available Unflavored.

Best-selling medium intensity mineral for neurological, metabolic and digestive support.

  • Designed to meet the nutritional support needs of people on the autistic spectrum.
  • Ultra-Colloidal suspension for optimal absorption.
  • Gluten, casein and allergen-free.


The Spectrum Support Minerals are chemically bound to amino acids to enhance cellular energy production. These minerals are extremely well absorbed, utilized, and tolerated, more so than minerals bound to sulfate, oxide, carbonate, or chloride.  All our mineral formulas do not contain iron or copper, as many individuals on the spectrum have issues with metals.   Supplementation of copper and iron should be based on individual need, working with a medical practitioner. Our Spectrum Support Minerals are made without any added flavors; they are not available in Lemon Lime.


The nutrients in these supplements are broken down into extremely small particles in a gentle, technologically advanced liquid suspension formula which is readily absorbed in the digestive tract and better utilized throughout the body than conventional powders, capsules, tablets or standard liquid solutions.

Our formulas are distinctive for what is left OUT as well as IN:  We have never used added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or sodium benzoate preservative in our supplements and we never will.

Other Ingredients:

Purified water, xanthan gum, kosher vegetable glycerine, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Allergy Advisory for Liquid Capsules:

Contains Coconut

Suggested Usage:   

As a dietary supplement, 3 times a day with meals.  Mix with water or other beverage.  Start low and increase gradually to full dose.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sarag Stone
Helped with the screaming!

My kid is on several supplements. However, whenever we run out of this product and she is off it for a few days, the screaming increases! It dramatically decreases when we get back on it. I even have my neurotypical kid on it to help with regulation.

Jason Skinner
Thank you

Your products truly help our autistic son go through his detox with his zeolites well appreciate everything

Excellent product

Very good and original

Deborah Liptrap
Thumbs up!

My son was suspected as on the spectrum- but we’ve recently received a diagnosis of expressive speech delay without ASD. Anyways- he’s been taking the spectrum mineral supplement and it has helped with his symptoms. More focus and less aggression. Even though he’s not ASD- I will continue to give him the supplement because I see a positive effect.

Melissa M

These minerals have helped my son to speak words again and clap his hands, which he has not done in several months! I will continue to order!

DOCTOR's review

Dr Jerry Taylor's medical review