Spectrum Support Formula Guide


This is a basic guide to our Spectrum Support vitamin and mineral formulas, which may help you determine which formula to use.  If you are at all uncertain about which formula would be most appropriate, we strongly encourage you to check out our formula suggestion page, or drop us a call or an email, and we would be delighted to assist you.  Below is a brief description of each of the formulas.

      "SS"  = Spectrum Support



Ultra Sensitive (SSUS) - Light neurological,metabolic and digestive support for extremely sensitive individuals. SCD diet approved.

Spectrum Support I (SSI) - Mild focus, neurological and metabolic support.

Spectrum Support II (SSIIPAK) - Moderate level digestive, neurological and metabolic support with lower B6.

Advanced Sensitive (SSAS) - Moderate level digestive, neurological and metabolic support with blended moderate B6, herb-free, and free of MSM, NAC, DMAE. Ok for use on the low-oxalate, SCD, Feingold, GF/CF diets.

Spectrum Support II (SSII) - Moderate level digestive, neurological and metabolic support with higher B6

Spectrum Support III (SSIII) - High level of digestive, neurological and metabolic support

About the Spectrum Support Formulas

 Spectrum Support supplements are fundamentally different than other multivitamins:

  1. The nutrients are delivered in a technologically advanced ultra-colloidal liquid suspension that allows them to be extremely well absorbed in the digestive tract.
  2. The formulas are designed by the parent of two sensitive children, to meet the needs of other extremely sensitive individuals. The supplements contain no artificial colorings, flavorings or sweeteners, and also no sugar, gluten, casein, corn, soy or other allergens, and very low in phenols.
  3. Each ingredient has been chosen for optimal absorption and quality, and each formula carefully balanced to work synergistically.
  4. The vitamin and mineral formulas are complimented by a proprietary blend of gentle but effective herbs. These herbs were carefully chosen to enhance natural detoxification, immune, gastrointestinal and metabolic function.



 Spectrum Support Vitamin & Mineral Formulas Ingredient Spreadsheet

Ingredients per 2 teaspoon serving units Spectrum Support Minerals Ultra Sensitive Minerals MegaMinerals
Calcium (from 33mg calcium d-glucarate) mg 8 8 8
Magnesium (krebs chelates) mg 0 20 0
Magnesium (amino acid chelate) mg 20 0 58
Zinc (kreb's chelates) mg 0 5 0
Zinc (amino acid chelate) mg 5 0 8
Selenium (amino acid complex) mcg 33 33 33
Manganese (amino acid chelate) mg 1 1 1
Chromium (amino acid chelate) mcg 8 8 17
Molybdenum (kreb's chelates) mcg 0 67 0
Molybdenum (amino acid chelate) mcg 67 0 67
Potassium (alpha ketoglutarate) mg 0 8 0
Potassium (amino acid complex) mg 8 0 8
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) mg 67 0 0
Slippery Elm, Burdock Root, Astragalus Root yes none yes
Citric Acid yes yes no
Purified water, xanthan gum, vegetable glycerine, potassium sorbate yes yes yes

Please note: Krebs and Amino Acid chelates and complexes are a highly bioavailable form of minerals bonded with organic acids of the Krebs Cycle, or amino acids, for better absorption.