ADHD Flexi Kit
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ADHD Flexi Kit

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We are delighted to offer the ADHDFlexi Kit, featuring everything you need to get started with nutritional supplements. If you’ve been telling yourself you want to try natural alternatives, but don’t know how to start, here is the answer.

This ADHD Flexi Kit Includes:

  1. B-Complex Liquid Formula
  2. Liqui-Mag
  3. Liqui-Zinc
  4. Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Gel caps
  5. Glass mini-measure, for easier dosing

1. B-Vitamins

Many children with ADHD do not absorb nutrients well because their digestive systems are not working as well as they could.  Often, they also eat a very limited list of foods.  B vitamins are particularly important because they are crucial for optimal brain health.  Studies show that minerals such as magnesium and zinc help with focus and attention as well.  Our vitamins and minerals were developed specifically for people who need extra brain and digestive support, and will absorb very easily, even if digestion is not optimal.

Some parents and teachers report children “waking up” or becoming less distractible when they start taking well-absorbed vitamins and minerals such as ours.  This suggests that these kids were literally starving for these nutrients, and may not have been able to absorb and utilize them well enough from diet alone.

2. Magnesium

Essential mineral for energy production, cell replication and integrity, detoxification, glutathione synthesis, muscular/neurological function, and maintaining body pH balance.  Magnesium also calms the central nervous system, which is essential in children with hyperactivity symptoms. It is a key factor in the production of serotonin, which an important neurotransmitter that promotes the feeling of calm and well-being.


Zinc is an important factor in the metabolism of neurotransmitters, prostaglandins, and for maintaining brain structure and function.  Zinc is required by the body for essential fatty acids (EFA’s), such as those in fish oil, to be converted to a usable form by the body.

4. Essential Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are considered “essential” because they are needed throughout the human life cycle, cannot be produced in the human body, and therefore must be provided through the diet.  EFAs help with brain and nerve development, cellular communication, oxygenation, metabolism and immune response.  Omega-3 EFAs such as DHA and EPA are particularly important for the brain, the immune system, and to help fight inflammation.

**All of the above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with a certified health care practitioner before changing your child diet. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **


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Adenike Matthews

I need more time with the product before submitting a review.

Francisco Ortiz Jr

ADHD Flexi Kit

Carrie Lohse
Love this

The kit works very well for my grandson. Life changing for us. I also give him a lemon balm tincture and lions mane mushroom tincture

Courtney Nemec

So far so

Jennifer Velazquez

ADHD Flexi Kit

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