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NDF Detox Plus

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Supports excretion of heavy metals and chemicals.

  • Increased Focus
  • More Restful Sleep
  • Increase in Cognitive Function
  • Increase in Energy & Vitality
  • Healthier Immune System
  • Improved Digestion
  • Balanced Moods
  • Removes heavy metals & chemicals via the urine

It is a fact of modern life that heavy metals and chemicals exist in our water, air, food, dental fillings and that these toxins are absorbed into the body’s cells. Heavy metals are potent poisons and free radicals that block enzyme function, impair the immune system, accelerate aging, cause tissue damage and neurological (brain) damage. They can be the undetected underlying cause of many diseases.  Eliminating these toxins and maintaining low levels in the body is important to everyone’s health and well being.

NDF Detox Plus™ is a dietary supplement that increases the excretion of heavy metals and chemicals, specific for individuals with assimilation and utilization issues, chemical sensitivities and hyper-coagulation. These toxins are excreted primarily through the kidneys reducing reabsorption in the bowels. The chlorella cell wall in NDF Detox Plus™ is a mucopolysaccharide (non-metal) ion exchange resin (M.I.E.R); it forms both ionic and double bonds with toxic heavy metals in the body. It is a safe, effective chelator that moves metals out of intra and extra cellular spaces. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, the active ingredients in NDF Detox Plus™ are suspended in liquid, assuring rapid absorption and 100% bioavailability.

NDF Detox Plus™ is safe to use even if you have:

  • Mercury Silver Amalgam fillings

  • Mineral Deficiencies

  • Liver & Kidney Stress

  • Gastro Intestinal Intolerance

Some of the alternatives currently available for heavy metal and chemical detox are DMPS, DMSA, EDTA, Metal-Free and PCA, all of which cause the metals to be primarily eliminated via the bowels. With NDF Detox Plus there is no risk of re-absorption or added inflammation in the bowel because the metals are mobilized primarily via the urine.



Certified organic, raw, whole, pure, and micronized: chlorella, cilantro, PolyFlor™ probiotics, and 18% grain neutral spirits as a preservative, agaricus blazei mushroom, reishi mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, milk thistle seeds and horsetail for drainage and organ support.


Suggested Usage:

Adults: Start with 1 to 3 drops once a day in 10 ounces of filtered water on an empty stomach. Increase dose by 1 to 3 drops every week. Gradually increase dose up to 52 drops (2 droppers full) twice a day. Individuals with amalgam fillings should brush the entire oral cavity with 4-10 drops of NDF Detox Plus™, spit and rinse before taking the dose of NDF Detox Plus™. 

Sensitive individuals may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up the dose.  Supervision by a physician is recommended. If pregnant or nursing consult your health care practitioner.

Children: Initial children’s dose is 1 drop, once a day, in 4 ounces of filtered water or diluted juice on an empty stomach. Increase by 1 drop every two weeks up to 1 dropper full.

DOCTOR's review

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