Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Spectrum Support Ultra Sensitive Minerals
Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Supplement for Spectrum Support Ultra
Spectrum Support Ultra Sensitive Minerals
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Spectrum Support Ultra Sensitive Minerals

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Mineral formula designed for sensitive individuals. 

Spectrum Support Ultra-Sensitive do not include herbs and is approved for use on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  The Sensitive formulas are designed for those who do not tolerate herbs, or individuals who are doing their own advanced biomedical program and wish to choose different herbs to better suit their needs.

Neurological, digestive and metabolic support for extremely sensitive individuals.

  • Extremely bioavailable nutrient forms for optimal absorption.
  • Designed to support the health of the most sensitive individuals.
  • Special-diet friendly – GF/CF, SCD and Feingold
  • Herb-free – Great for herb-sensitive individuals.
  • Designed for extremely sensitive individuals – low in phenols, hypoallergenic, no fillers, colors, flavorings or artificial sweeteners.

Spectrum Support Ultra Sensitive Formula mineral is designed to meet the nutrition needs of exquisitely sensitive individuals. Ultra-Sensitive formula is free of herbs, flavorings and artificial sweeteners and offer the same extreme absorption benefits of our other vitamin and mineral formulas.

Like all Spectrum Support vitamins and minerals, Ultra Sensitive Formula features highly absorbable, and bioavailable forms of key minerals in metabolically significant quantities.  Spectrum Support means far more than just basic nutrition.  One of the primary intentions of all Spectrum Support Formulas is to thoroughly support Phase II detoxification pathways, to enhance the glutathionesulfationglycinetaurinegluconorideacetylation, and methylation conjugation of toxins in the body, assisting the body in it’s natural ability to detoxify itself.   Ultra Sensitive offers a well-tolerated starting formula for the very most sensitive individuals.  We often find that after using Ultra Sensitive formula as a nutritional starting point, many people are able to gradually move up to one of our moderate dose formulas, for increased levels of nutritional and detoxification support.

Our Spectrum Support Ultra-Sensitive Formula Vitamins and Minerals contain reduced doses of many nutrients, to avoid overloading sensitive systems, which may not be ready for higher doses.  They do not contain MSMNACTMGDMAE, or any of the herbs or flavorings used in the other formulas

BrainChild Supplements are ethically sourced, free of common allergens and contain no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or sodium benzoate preservative.


Suggested Usage:   

As a dietary supplement, 3 times a day with meals.  Mix with water or other beverage.  Start low and increase gradually to full dose.

NOTE: Start gradually and work up to full dose.  For full details, see our complete dosage chart.


Customer Reviews

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Gina Szpak

I have struggled with acne for years without knowing what was causing it and trying everything. The flavor and ease and confidence in knowing my gut health which is a HUGE issue for many now has effective support !

Tailore Silva
I’m excited

I’m excited to give a review after I’ve had them for few months! As of right now seems great!

Nency Joya
Acceptable taste for highly picky kids

My kids won't even tasted in their milk.

Chong Kim

Spectrum Support Ultra Sensitive Minerals

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