Spotlight on the ADHD Multi Kit

Is your smart child struggling to cope with school and life in general? Raising a child with ADHD can be a stressful process: trying to balance school, tutoring, family activities, and find ways to help your child stay calm and focused at the same time! ADD/ADHD attention difficulties are most often treated using medication, school programs or tutoring. But despite all these efforts, many parents see little improvement in the learning disabilities at the heart of the problem. You may be surprised to learn how much good nutritional support can help. Studies show that targeted nutrition for ADHD can result in significant symptom improvement.

What Causes The Symptoms Of ADHD?

ADHD involves neurotransmitter imbalances. Often, children with ADHD also have deficiencies or imbalances in critical nutrients that are used to make these neurotransmitters in the body. If we test children with ADHD, we often see that they are not very efficient at digesting and utilizing their food, and may even have parasites, candida or other signs of more serious gut imbalances.

Why Nutritional Support Works For ADHD

Supporting the nutritional needs of a child with ADHD can really help educational and behavior interventions “stick”. Solid nutritional support for ADHD includes support for the brain, gut and metabolism.  We want to help you find great nutritional tools to help balance your child’s body. 

The Components of the ADHD Multi Kit

Vitamins and Minerals

Many children with ADHD do not absorb nutrients well because their digestive systems are not working as well as they could. Often, they also eat a very limited list of foods. B vitamins are particularly important because they are crucial for optimal brain health. Studies show that minerals such as magnesium and zinc help with focus and attention as well. Our vitamins and minerals were developed specifically for people who need extra brain and digestive support, and will absorb very easily, even if digestion is not optimal.

Some parents and teachers report children “waking up” or becoming less distractible when they start taking well-absorbed vitamins and minerals such as ours. This suggests that these kids were literally starving for these nutrients, and may not have been able to absorb and utilize them well enough from diet alone.


A healthy digestive system contains good flora, which is “good” bacteria that helps it function well. If you think of the gut like a garden, the good flora is the plants, worms and helpful insects and the bad flora is weeds and destructive bugs.  Probiotics are essentially “seeds” to grow more good flora.  Probiotics add good bacteria, and help it to “take root” and colonize, bringing the gut back in balance. If children have serious yeast overgrowth and other gut dysbiosis, probiotics alone may not be enough to rectify the situation. Measures such as our Natural Candida Program may be needed to return a healthy bacterial balance to the digestive tract.

Essential Fatty Acids (Fish Oil)

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are considered “essential” because they are needed throughout the human life cycle, cannot be produced in the human body, and therefore must be provided through the diet. EFAs help with brain and nerve development, cellular communication, oxygenation, metabolism and immune response.  Omega-3 EFAs such as DHA and EPA are particularly important for the brain, the immune system, and to help fight inflammation. These fatty acids are prominent in brain composition, and many studies show that EFA supplementation can be helpful to cognitive function, behavior, mood and attention.

If your child, or someone you love is struggling with the symptoms of ADHD, try supporting their nutritional needs first with the ADHD Multi Kit, and join the many families in our community who've enjoyed noticeable differences in behavior since taking these supportive formulas.