What Does Candida Do To The Body?

Candida is a fungus that flourishes in moist, warm environments. In candida's early stages it is usually asymptomatic and invisible to the human eye. If candida becomes worse, itcan become invasive and cause candidiasis. Candidiasis is an overgrowth of candida which can affect the skin, nails, mouth, digestive tract, and vagina.

Candida albicans produces toxins that weaken the immune system by interfering with its ability to produce antibodies which fight off infections such as those caused by bacteria or viruses. When you have candidiasis your body will be more susceptible to getting sick from other sources too like colds or flu because it lacks immunological defenses against them.

The symptoms of candidiasis vary depending on what location candida has invaded. The symptoms of candidiasis in the digestive tract include:

- bloating

- stomach aches and cramps

- gas and belching

- diarrhea or constipation

The Best Diet For Fighting Candida

One way you can bring candida under control is by following the candida diet. This diet includes avoiding food or drinks that contain high sugar levels or highly processed foods like white bread, cakes, sugar-packed drinks like soda and fruit juices, candies, sugars in desserts like ice cream or tart, etc.

Another way you can help candida is by taking candida supplements which are designed to fight candida overgrowth.

The Supplements and Herbs That Fight Candida

Candida and other intestinal organisms are highly adaptable, and develop a resistance to most things used to fight them. Our Candida program centers around a rotation of several natural antifungals, to keep “shifting gears”, so candida doesn’t have time to develop a defense. The program also features the use of enzymes to digest yeast cell walls, support for healthy gut by the use of probiotics to maintain healthy intestinal flora, and avoidance of dietary sugars, which feed candida. A normal body naturally contains a certain amount of candida and other bacteria at all times. The intention of a program like ours is NOT to treat or eradicate candida, this program goal is to make the intestinal environment less hospitable, so that the body can return to its natural balance.

This program may be helpful to people of any age with candida overgrowth or other gut infections. If the problem is not chronic, the program may work relatively fast, within a month or two. People with normally functioning digestive systems may not need to keep on it for the long term to obtain results. For those with chronic digestive issues, and most children on the autistic spectrum, the program may take considerably longer, and may require occasional repetition, to keep yeast overgrowth under control. The program includes dosage suggestions for both adults and children, and suggestions for those who are sensitive to phenols.

The Two Kits

Kit #1 contains everything you need to start the BrainChild Natural Candida Program. Kit #2 contains just the herbs – 3 excellent natural antifungals. Our Natural Candida Program can be done either way, but if you are fighting a serious chronic candida infection, we would recommend doing the complete program using Kit #1


Yeast Kit #1 - Comprehensive Yeast Fighting

As described in our yeast, this program has everything you need. Probiotic and Candex are used daily, and the 3 herbs are rotated, one at a time, 4 days each:

Learn more about Kit #1 here.



Yeast Kit #2 - Just The Herbs

If you’re just doing maintenance, after removing the yeast together with your healthcare practitioner, or for a less serious infection, Kit #2 is a good choice. It is a kit that provide herbal extract which in turn promotes the body to replenish itself. Feel free to give a call if you need help choosing. Please make sure to include good probiotics along with this program. You could choose our Basic Support Probiotic.

Use these one at a time, four days each:

  • Oregon Grape, 2 oz
  • Olive Leaf, 2 oz
  • Pau D’Arco, 2 oz

Learn more about Kit #2 here.