A Study recently published in Japan has shown strong indication that increased intake of vitamin B6, have been associated with a greater DNA protection from oxidative stress in male subjects.


The data was collected from 500 men and women and discovered that when a person has increased levels of vitamin B6 in the body, they have lower levels of 8 hydroxy 2 deoxyguanosine (8 OHdG), a recognized marker for oxidative stress.


“The present finding adds to evidence to support a protective role of vitamin B6 against oxidative DNA damage,” wrote Keisuke Kuwahara (one of the researchers from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo and KyushuUniversity working on this project).


The Japanese scientists also noted that B vitamins such as B6 and folate can affect the metabolism of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a sulfur containing, naturally occurring amino acid that is found in the blood plasma. B6 and folate are essential to break down homocysteine to cysteine.Vitamin B6 and its folate counterpart (uncommonly called vitamin B9)  have a significant impact on the levels of homocysteine in the blood.



In order to perform the study and determine if excess levels of B6 are associated with DNA damage data was obtained and analyzed from 293 men and 207 women with ages ranging from 21 and 66.


Results proved that pyridoxal vitamin B6 affects the 8 OHdG in men but not women. However, the association is limited to non smoking men and those who drink minimal amounts of alcohol. Pyridoxal is one of three natural forms of vitamin B6. It is needed for muscle growth and repair, energy metabolism, and neurotransmitter functions.


Researchers did note that there are reason to believe that there is a relationship between vitamin B6 and protection against oxidative DNA damage based on already known biological and medical knowledge.


Those are supported by previous studies conducted on animals that clearly showed that low levels of vitamin B6 is correlated with decrease levels of glutathione.


This is what we try to avoid by supplementing the body with the appropriate nutrients it needs in order to raise gluthathione level and reduce oxidative stress. Most of BrainChild Nutritionals contain Vitamin B6 in the pyridoxal form,which provide the natural raw materials the body needs in order to function in its optimal form.


Glutathione is considered the most important molecule in the body that is needed to protect the body general health. The decreased levels of glutathione would, in turn, increase the levels of 8 OHdG (more oxidative stress).


 This study conclude that vitamin B6  plays a  bigger role against oxidative DNA than previously believed.


Title of the Study:

"Serum vitamin B6, folate, and homocysteine concentrations and oxidative DNA damage in Japanese men and women."

Date published: 24 June 2013

Published online at:


Researchers associated with this study:

  • Keisuke Kuwahara, Ph.D.

  • Akiko Nanri, Ph.D.,

  • Ngoc Minh Pham, M.D., Ph.D.,

  • Kayo Kurotani, Ph.D.,

  • Ayami Kume, Ph.D.,

  • Masao Sato, Ph.D.,

  • Kazuaki Kawai, Ph.D.,

  • Hiroshi Kasai, Ph.D.,

  • Tetsuya Mizoue, M.D., Ph.D.