The Story Behind Brainchild Nutritionals

Michael Lang started BrainChild Nutritionals in 1999. He was a devoted father of two and a brilliant nutritionist and biochemist. When he couldn't find adequate nutritional products for his children on the market, he painstakingly developed the Spectrum Support range through years of research.

Years of Research

The research showed that getting moderate doses of carefully targeted nutrients in a well-absorbed form can support overall health, improving daily function and physiological responses.In the decades since, these formulas have helped countless people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across the country by providing relief from communication problems, sleep deprivation, anxiety and aggression.

Our Unique Liquid Delivery System

Brainchild's formulas are designed to address autism's challenges and promote healing at every level through our exceptional liquid delivery system: brain development, gastrointestinal function, immune system strength and stress response management. The ingredients in these supplements have been shown to provide nutritional support when your child’s detoxification process has become impaired or compromised due to metabolic dysfunction on top of an already existing chronic health condition like autism or ADD/ADHD.

Founded by a devoted dad, BrainChild has since grown into a substantial team who are all passionate about how these revolutionary formulas can improve the lives of people on the spectrum.

Customer Service That Understands You

Micheal had a vision of customer service support that could best understand and provide parents with answers to their questions. Today, the company has Celeste King who has worked for the company since 2008 and provides advice to parents and caregivers on using these products.

Before working for the company Celeste used the products with her own children for years and is passionate about helping others use the BrainChild products to improve their own health, or the health of their friends, family members and children.  

In Conclusion

Michael’s legacy of serving individuals with autism, ADD/ADHD and sensitive people of all ages remains as BrainChild continues to manufacture premium quality, good tasting liquid vitamins and minerals supplements to meet the nutritional needs of both adults and children facing a variety of health challenges including those with ADD/ADHD and on the autistic spectrum.