We are saddened to announce the untimely passing of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, a prominent autism doctor, researcher and parent of a child who had developed autism.

There is a profound sense of loss felt in the autism community for this compassionate and dedicated doctor who gave of himself so selflessly in his determination to uncover the answers into the causes and treatments for autism and for the many families he served and guided.

Dr. Bradstreet tirelessly researched groundbreaking therapies and educated us all with his comprehensive approach that explored all options that were needed in the healing and restoring health to children suffering from autism and related conditions. We will be forever grateful for the hope and the remarkable work that remain part of his legacy as we continue to move forward and look for answers and treatment options for children with autism.

All of us here at BrainChild Nutritionals would like to extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Bradstreet’s family, friends and patients for their loss.