Back-to-School Immunity Kit: A Guide for Parents

Did you know that children typically have between 6-8 colds per year? These colds are the leading cause for students to miss school and parents to miss work. 

Going back to school is stressful for parents and children as they navigate a new routine and schedule.

Add in going back to school during a pandemic, and it's making many parents feel uneasy about heading back to the classroom. So as you are stocking up on school supplies (and extra hand sanitizer), you may be wondering what more you can do as a parent or caregiver to protect your loved one's immune system when going back to school?

Keep reading on to learn more about natural ways to boost your child's immune system and about the back-to-school immunity kit your child needs. 

Natural Ways to Boost Your Child's Immune System 

Sometimes as parents, we can feel helpless when our children are sick. Luckily before you send your kids off to school this school year, there are some natural ways to boost your child's immune system before starting the school year. 

Some natural ways to boost your child's immune system include: 

  • Ensuring they are getting plenty of sleep 
  • Regular exercise
  • Adding daily immune-boosting supplements 

Every little thing you do to help boost your child's immune system can help to ensure they stay as healthy as possible during the school year. This will give you peace of mind knowing you are doing all you can to keep them safe as you navigate through the start of school. 

Plenty of Sleep 

Sleep is essential for the immune health of everyone, but many school-aged children don't get the recommended amount of sleep they need. School-aged children should get between 10 to 12 hours of sleep every night. 

Between homework, after-school activities, and other obligations children and families have, sometimes getting this much sleep is difficult. However, it is important to try your best to ensure your children get adequate rest to help their immune systems. 

Studies have linked a lack of sleep to low white blood cell count levels. With sleep deprivation, a dip in white blood cell counts can put your children at an increased risk of getting sick. 

Regular Exercise

Similar to sleep, exercise is also essential when it comes to boosting your child's immune system. For example, did you know that regular exercise reduces the chance of catching a cold up to 67%?

Not only have studies found that regular exercise can reduce the risk of catching a cold, but people who regularly exercised and did develop a cold or other upper respiratory infection were sick for a shorter amount of time and less severe than people who didn't exercise. 

Get the family up and moving to help boost everyone's immune system before the school year starts. 

Immune-Boosting Supplements 

Ensuring your child is getting the right nutrition and supplements can help boost their immune system during the school year. Unfortunately, some kids can be picky eaters, which makes getting the right immune-boosting nutrients is difficult. 

Luckily some supplements can boost your child's immune system and taste good that there will not be an argument to get them to take. 

Essential Supplements for Immune Health

Several supplements are crucial in helping boost your child's immune system for classroom safety. Supplements to help enhance your child's immune system include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Astragalus
  • Olive leaf extract 

These supplements will give your child the added support they need when headed back to school. 


Zinc is crucial in immune system defense because it helps the body produce T-cells, an essential component of the body's immune system. 

In fact, research shows that a deficiency in Zinc contributes to some immune dysfunction. Zinc helps to maintain white blood cell activities and provides antioxidants the body needs. 

Vitamin C

Have you heard that orange juice helps boost your immune system? That is because orange juice is full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is probably the most well-known nutrient in immune protection. It is critical when it comes to forming collagen and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

Vitamin C works by helping protect the body's cells from colds and viruses to keep your children healthy. Additionally, it is full of antioxidants which are important for immune health.  


While Astragalus may be a newer supplement being used in the United States, it has been used for centuries in Chinese cultures to support a healthy immune system. 

Astragulus supplements have antioxidants and inhibit free radical production in the body. Many people today take Astragulus supplements to help treat their colds and upper respiratory infections. 

Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein)

Olive leaf extract, also known as Oleuropein, works to fight against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Olive leaf extract is another potent source of antioxidants. These antioxidants help support the immune system. 

Olive leaf extract supplements a good source of antioxidants, but olive leaf extract attacks and neutralizes viruses and bacteria—this aids in reducing the severity and duration of colds. 


Back-to-School Immunity Kit

To ensure your child has the best immune boost before returning to school this year, make sure they get enough sleep, exercise, and take the right immune-boosting supplements. 

It may seem difficult to add four supplements to your child's diet, but luckily there is an easy solution. Purchase the Extra Immune Defense Kit from Brainchild Nutritionals. 

The Extra Immune Defense Kit is an immune-boosting product that includes Liqui-C Complete, Liqui Zinc, Astragalus, and Olive leaf. All contain the four essential nutrients needed to boost your child's immune system before returning to school. 

This is a must-have back-to-school immunity kit. The Extra Immune Defense Kit tastes deliciously mixed together and can even be added into a little warm water to make an immune-boosting cup of "tea." Or, if your child would rather, the Extra Immune Denfese Kit can be mixed with some lemonade. 

Chat with one of Brainchild Nutritionals experts today and buy the Extra Immune Defense Kit to ensure your child stays as healthy as possible this school year.