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Autism Approved - Spectrum Starter Kit
Best Autism vitamin to start

This kit is designed to help parents get started with the foundation for implementing a biomedical approach with children on the autistic spectrum.

The Spectrum Starter Kit includes the basic supplements needed, in child-friendly, easy-to-use forms. We will help you determine which formula is the best fit for your child.  The starter kit includes all the basic foundation supplements you need for a successful start to biomedical support of your child's health:  vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics and ...

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ADHD Multi Kit

best ADHD vitamins

ADHD involves neurotransmitter imbalances.  Often, children with ADHD also have deficiencies or imbalances in critical nutrients that are used to make these neurotransmitters in the body.  If we test children with ADHD, we often see that they are not very efficient at digesting and utilizing their food, and may even have parasitescandida or other signs of more serious gut imbalances.

Supporting the nutritional needs of a child with ADHD can really help educational and behavior interventions “stick”.  Solid nutritional support for ADHD includes support for the brain, gut and metabolism.   We want to help you find great nutritional tools to help balance your child’s body.  On this page, you will learn all about nutritional support for ADHD.

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Natural Candida Program
Yeast and candida Management supplements
An effective, gentle approach to fighting candida, parasites, bacteria and dysbiosis in the gut. Many children on the spectrum suffer from chronic dysbiosis of their digestive system, including yeast, bacteria and other issues. Many adults also have candida overgrowth, due to the carb and sugar heavy western diet, and environmental health imbalances, which can effect digestion, vitality and cognitive function.

Our effective yet gentle natural yeast program was developed for sensitive people, and features a rotation of natural antifungals, along with enzymes to weaken the yeast cell walls, and Cell Power to help with gut oxygenation and Body pH.

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