What we do

Superior Nutrition for Sensitive Systems

Brainchild Nutritionals is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that produces the most bioavailable, absorbable and purest form of liquid supplements. Our supplements are designed to support individuals with autism, ADD, AD/HD and sensitive people with environmental illnesses, toxicities or digestive issues.

Absorption, Purity and better digestion

We Do Liquids

It’s all about absorption!  Before supplements can help, they must be absorbed.  Liquids absorb much better than any other form of supplements. We believe it is the best controllable nutritional solution for autism supplementation.  In addition, our liquid suspension contains herbs that are soothing to digestion, adding a subtle level of support for the digestive process itself.


We Do UNIQUE Liquids

Our liquids are different.  Our proprietary manufacturing process uses special mixing technology to break each nutrient down to extremely tiny particles, creating an Ultra-Colloidal suspension.  This means that in effect, the nutrients have been “pre-digested”:  broken down into particles that are small enough to soak into the walls of the digestive tract without the body working hard to break them up first.  Another unusual feature of our liquids is that they do not contain artificial sweeteners, flavorings and fillers that can cause trouble to sensitive bodies.  All of our supplements were formulated using nutrient forms that are easiest for sensitive individuals to use.


We FOCUS On the People

Our products are used by children, elderly people, or adults with a particularly high level of sensitivity.  They help environmentally sensitive people improve their nutritional health by taking in nutrients in very well-absorbed forms that support the body better, especially with regard to detoxification, digestion and the brain.

One Challenge, One Passion

Over time, environmentally sensitive people become sensitive to so many foods that they are quite literally "starving" for good nutrients.  Their bodies are often so sensitive that they limit their diets to an extreme level.  Their gut is inflamed, and almost everything they eat irritates it.  Using special equipment, BrainChild’s nutrients are broken down into extremely small particles, creating an amazing “pre-digested” liquid, which absorbs effortlessly into the body.

Body systems that are out of balance may not be able to break down and make use of nutrients in some forms.  We find that if we can gently use very well-absorbed liquid supplements to gently add in needed nutritional support, pure vitamins and minerals can be introduced gently, without creating more irritation, and the body can gradually start to use these nutrients, and bring itself back into balance.

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