University study on Autism supplements

Vitamin C Levels at End of StudyBacked by primary research

Your kid is now a year old but still not babbling… don’t even show any gesture… Being one and a half year old the kid is not uttering any word… and do not say two-words phrase at the age of two…If these symptoms matches with your child’s behavior then parents, it can make you worried. This behavioral change in your child could be Autism. Various mineral and vitamin supplements for autism are said to be more efficient to curb this disorder. Vitamins for autistic child are highly effective and are the sources of improvement from various nutritional and metabolic disorder. Even medical experts suggest mineral and vitamin supplements for autism. But the dosage and amount of these vitamin supplements for autism must be definite. Also, the solubility and digestion of these vitamins for memory supplements in matters a lot. Taking everything into consideration Brainchild Nutritionals offers Spectrum Support liquid vitamins and minerals.

A research study on our vitamin supplements for autism showed promising and positive result. Our Spectrum Support liquid vitamins and minerals were used in a double blinded pilot study which was done by the University of Arizona and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2004.

A Study on Effective Vitamin Supplements for Autism

The goal of this study was to “determine the effect of a moderate-dose multivitamin/mineral supplement on children with autistic spectrum disorder”.   Blood levels of several nutrients were measured at the conclusion of the study and mothers of the subjects were asked to complete a questionnaire, with respect to the children’s behavior, sleep, language, etc.

One group of children was given placebo supplements, also made at our lab, using the exact same inactive ingredients as the real ones, plus natural hibiscus for color, and the other group took our actual vitamins and minerals.  The parents and children were double-blinded, so that they did not know which group they were a part of.

The results of the study indicated increases in levels of vitamins B6 and C over a 12-week period, and also statistically significant improvements in sleep and GI problems, Total Vitamin B6as reported by parents of those children in the group taking the vitamin supplements for autism, but not the group taking placebos.  These very satisfying results confirmed that our supplements were best vitamins for kids.  The result showed excellent absorption and utilization of nutrients in our liquid vitamin and mineral supplements, even in children with autism who typically present with multiple imbalances, gut issues and challenges with nutrient absorption and utilization.

As an additional note regarding total vitamin B6 levels, it should be noted that vitamin B6 is classically found at high levels in children with autism, as a result of defective pyridoxal  kinase and B6 conversion processes.  Because their bodies do not convert B6 to usable forms efficiently, these children therefore have a functional need for high supplemented doses of vitamin B6.  Multiple studies have verified both this clinical finding and the benefit to children with autism of moderate to high doses of vitamin B6.

Total Vitamin B6Read the full University of Arizona Study (pdf)

Research Study using BrainChild Spectrum Support Vitamins and Minerals

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