Purity and Freshness

BrainChild Nutritionals sets a new standard of purity and freshness for liquid supplements with “Premium Quality” standard

For over 20 years now, we have perfected our purity and freshness standards.

First, we only work with nutrient suppliers who are able give us detailed information and testing to verify the precise sources of our nutrients, where they come from and the manufacturing process.  We verify every nutrient with third-party testing.

Secondly, we use only nutrients that are the most bioavailable and well-absorbed forms.  In our sourcing, we prefer natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic forms of ingredients, and we avoid buying from China.   All of our herbs are either organically grown or wildcrafted using environmentally-approved methods.

Finally, we make our products in small batches, with freshness as our primary goal.  When you buy our products, you know you are getting fresh, potent nutrition.  We control the entire manufacturing process, and each batch is independently tested before it is approved to leave our lab facility.

Premium QualityWe use this three-step system to ensure that the quality, purity and freshness of our liquid vitamins and minerals remain unparalleled, meeting the “Premium Quality” standard.

BrainChild Nutritionals manufactures all our liquid products right here in the USA.  We adhere to the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing exceptional product purity and freshness levels.  Our quality level exceeds the FDA’s good manufacturing (GMP) standard, and we use only non-toxic materials and hypoallergenic ingredients in the facility where we manufacture and store these very special supplements.

Ultra-Colloidal mixing process and World-Class ingredients

Our manufacturing process uses proprietary mixing technology to break each nutrient down to extremely tiny particles, creating an Ultra-Colloidal suspension.  This means that the nutrients have, in effect, been “pre-digested”:  broken down into particles that are small enough to soak into the walls of the digestive tract without the body working hard to break them up first, or not absorbing the majority of the nutrients, as happens in most forms of dietary supplements.  In addition, our liquid suspension contains herbs that are soothing to digestion, adding gentls support for the digestive process itself. 

Many liquid supplements are made without consideration about how the “extra” ingredients in them, such as sweeteners, flavors, colorings, excipients, suspension agents, emulsifiers and preservatives will affect the body.   In our process, we don’t add anything unnecessary, and each ingredient has been very carefully chosen, with all of these considerations in mind. 

What’s In

What’s Out


Natural vitamin E, made in USA.

Synthetic vitamin E

Synthetic vitamin E does not absorb well.  Questionable health effects.

Natural pro-vitamin A mixed carotenoids, made in Australia.

Synthetic vitamin A

Synthetic vitamin A can have toxicity issues, serious health effects and absorption problems.

Natural vitamin C derived from beets.  Made in UK.   With bioflavonoids and carotenoids, for a complete vitamin C!

Cheap Chinese ascorbic acid

Best natural source, not from China.  Did you know: Over 99% of the world’s vitamin C comes from China!

Natural Kosher vegetable glycerine

Artificial sweeteners, honey, sugar

Glycerin is low glycemic, natural, hypoallergenic.

Natural lemon and lime extract flavors, made in USA.

Multiple “natural flavors”, can hide undesirable ingredients.

Simple natural flavors, hypoallergenic,  no hidden ingredients.

Minerals in amino acid chelate forms made in USA

Cheap mineral oxides and carbonates.

Carbonates can contain lead; carbonates and oxides are not well-absorbed.

Organic Madhava Agave, made in USA

Other agave brands.

Special processing method makes Madhava brand low glycemic, unlike others.

Methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12 

Cyanocobalamin form of vitamin  B12

The Cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B12 molecule are harder to digest 


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