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Natural approach of providing nutrients to the body to help with the detoxification of heavy metals. This kit is used when prescription pharmaceutical drugs are too harsh for sensitive individuals.

The Natural Detoxification program is a sequence of steps, with each step building on the previous ones. A supplement is started, then after a period of time another is added to the first, then another,and so on. Each supplement is continued for the entire program
after being introduced.

After the addition of the last step, you are getting maximum detoxification and chelation benefit. You may continue giving all components for three to six months, or possibly longer, if desired,
depending on the level of toxins remaining, under the guidance of a medical practitioner.



The Natural Detoxification Kit includes the following, plus a written guide with complete instructions:

  • Herbathione, 4 oz
  • CellPower
  • Lipoceutical Glutathione
  • Intestimend, 32 oz
  • NDF Plus
  • Glass mini-measure
  • Natural detoxification program instructions
  • Article by Dr. Rossignol: "The Use of Urinary Porphyrins Analysis in Autism" (reprinted with permission)
How to Use this Kit:

1. Please take vitamins and minerals at full dose for at least two weeks before starting this kit.

2. If you have yeast overgrowth issues, please start to get them under control before starting this kit. At BrainChild, we have a wonderful yeast-fighting program. It is fine to stay on yeast fighters while doing this program, if you feel they are indicated.

3. We give you a worksheet to help you plan the dates for starting each supplement.

4. Figure out what time of day to give each supplement. We find that the easiest times of day for "empty stomach" supplements are upon waking and bedtime. "With food" supplements can be mixed into the vitamins and minerals at mealtimes. We find that it really helps to write down a list of what you give daily, and we have included a Daily Supplement Plan worksheet to help with this.

Commonly Asked Questions about Starting our Detoxification Program

What about the other supplements we are already using?
Please note that you should continue any other supplementation the individual is previously taking, such as probiotics,
fish oil, digestive enzymes, or any other supplements you or your practitioner have decided are beneficial. If you were
previously using other vitamins and minerals, the Spectrum Support supplements will probably be sufficient to meet
these needs, and you may discontinue other vitamins and minerals over a period of 16 days or so, as described on our

What if the individual has yeast (candida)? Should I wait until it’s gone before starting?

If you suspect candida or intestinal dysbiosis issues, please start now to get these under control as much as possible
before you reach step 6 of this protocol, when active detoxification commences. Any practitioner or naturopath can help
you with this, or call us at BrainChild, and we’d be happy to give you some suggestions for how to start. As heavy metals
make the body more vulnerable to dysbiosis, you probably will not be able to completely make the candida go away
before starting the detox program. Having it under control as much as possible will increases your chances of staying
happy and healthy during the detoxification process.

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