Spectrum Support Mega Minerals 180 capsules

Spectrum Support Mega Minerals 180 capsules
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High-Intensity unflavored multi-mineral supplement dietary supplement includes a full range of Amino Acid Chelate. Specifically designed for use during chelation, or to replenish very low mineral levels. BrainChild Nutritionals Mega minerals is a highly advanced product and has a specifically designed amino acid profile for the best benefits.

High-Intensity multi-mineral supplement, designed for use during chelation, or to replenish very low mineral levels.

  • High-intensity multi-mineral formula.

  • Liquid form for optimal absorption, using amino acid mineral chelates.

  • Designed for sensitive people - low in phenols, hypo-allergenic, no artificial fillers or sweeteners.

Mega-Minerals feature amino acid chelate forms of key minerals, for even better mineral absorption, and a much improved taste.  We are very excited about these improvements, and we think you will be, too!

Mega-Minerals may be substituted as the “Part B” Mineral component for any of our two-part vitamin and mineral formulas.  They are intended for use with chelation programs (which can deplete minerals) or to assist in raising low mineral levels. 

Mega Minerals utilize scientifically advanced, highly bioavailable and well-absorbed forms of key vitamins and minerals in metabolically significant quantities.  These nutrients are complemented by Astragalus, Slippery Elm and Burdock, providing extra support for detoxification and intestinal health.

Spectrum Support means far more than just basic nutrition.  One of the primary intentions of the Spectrum Support Formulas is to thoroughly support Phase II detoxification pathways, to enhance the glutathione, sulfationglycinetaurinegluconorideacetylation, and methylation conjugation of toxins in the body, assisting the body in it’s natural ability to detoxify itself. 

NOTE:Please note that Mega-Minerals are not intended as a calcium supplement. Please supplement calcium separately as needed.

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