Karen Thomas, CMT, CST-D

Naturally Healing Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents

Karen Thomas is a Certified Massage Therapist and has practiced Craniosacral Therapy for almost three decades. She is board certified as an instructor of Craniosacral Therapy by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Her holistic background and study of the human brain proved essential when her own son was diagnosed with autism in 2006, at age ten.

Through almost a decade of research, trial and error Karen brings to you the resources and solutions that healed her own child from the symptoms of autism. She has put it all in writing for you in her book, “Naturally Healing Autism; The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.” The book also includes information on autism prevention, ADD, allergies, and more, (available at www.amazon.com).

Karen is the CEO and founder of Naturally Healing Autism. Her blog and website are currently available to assist you with answers you need now at, www.naturallyhealingautism.com.  She is a professional speaker available to speak at events on autism, and is a contributor to Autism Parenting Magazine.  Karen’s podcast is aired at www.autismone.org and at www.naturallyhealingautism.com.

Also, follow her on Facebook at, www.facebook.com/naturallyhealingautism www.twitter.com/AutismNatural, and www.Linkedin.com Karen can be reached at info@naturallyhealingautism.com.









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