Ingredient Sources

Ingredient Sources

Here at BrainChild, we make liquids, because of their superior absorption.  Good liquid supplements are challenging to make.  

What we leave out

To start with, they need to taste good, which requires the use 

of sweeteners and flavorings.  Liquids require preservatives to keep them from spoiling, and suspension agents to make the nutrients stay suspended in the mixture.   

Finding the right ingredients to use, particularly supplements for autism, can be difficult.  That is why at BrainChild Nutritionals every single ingredient has have been carefully selected with sensitive bodies in mind.

This is a big reason why BrainChild liquid formulas are the best choice to support the nutritional systems of sensitive individuals with Autism, ADD, ADHD and environmental disorders and sensitivities.  Our ingredients are all carefully selected not to cause the kinds of irritation often experienced with other nutritional products. 

The BrainChild Difference Starts at the Source

  • All ingredients are pharmaceutical quality
  • Quality comes first - we do not compromise on the purity of our raw materials.
  • Our herbs are organic or wildcrafted.  Most herbs are grown in the USA.
  • Our Vitamins and Minerals are completely vegetarian*.
  • We avoid purchasing from China.  
  • When we must buy from China, we perform extra testing.
  • Hypoallergenic forms of all nutrients are used.
  • We independently test many ingredients for casein and gluten. 
  • The brand of xanthan gum we use is only one we know of that is completely gluten-free.
  • Gluten-free vodka is our only alcohol source. 
  • All alcohol is removed from our herbal tinctures.
  • No toxic petroleum-based benzoate preservatives are used in our lab.
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