Our History

BrainChild Nutritionals was founded by Michael Lang.  Michael was a brilliant nutritionist and independent biochemistry researcher, and devoted father of two.  He painstakingly formulated the Spectrum Support formulas to help his own children, when he couldn’t find nutritional products they could use.  This resulted in the production of unique supplements specialized for conditions related to environmental illnesses and Autism.

The formulas were designed to work synergistically to strengthen and revitalize the entire body. BrainChild Nutritionals products have been expertly formulated, tested and used with great success by families and doctors for over 20 years. BrainChild Nutritionals grew from a brilliant one-man band to a substantial company with its own manufacturing facility and worldwide distribution.

Michael died of pancreatic cancer in 2007.  Before he left, Michael hired and trained a group of bright, caring people which continues to this day.  We continue his legacy by conducting extensive research, developing great products and providing the best information to our customers.

In May of 2012, BrainChild Nutritionals became part of Maxam Group, LLC.  BrainChild  main goal remained to help children and families to be healthy.  We see a big opportunity to contribute to the world by bringing BrainChild forward into the future, to educate and support the many families who need what BrainChild has to offer.

BrainChild will continue toward its path of evolution, creating new products and programs for the next generation.

The whole BrainChild family are very excited about what the future will bring.




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