Autism: Road to Better Health with proper nutrition

The most precious jewel for a parent is their child. The laughter… the smile of a kid, gives parent a divine feeling. However, the situation is different with an autistic kid. They do not interact socially, they live in their own isolated world and becomes aggressive occasionally. It’s a deep sad feeling for the parents seeing these symptoms in their child. The moment parents get to know their child is autistic; they even give up the hopes for their child’s recovery. But Parents… wait… the road doesn’t end here. You have a way to go ahead.
In several studies and research it has been found that, in comparison to a healthy person, an autistic individual lacks the required level of vitamins and minerals in their body. To stand on better side, nutritional supplements can be added to our diet. Even medical experts also recommend supplements for autism as part of a combined approach.

The human growth and development is largely dependent on the level of vitamins and minerals in body. They rule over the neurological function and metabolism. Difficulty in social interactions, repetitive behaviors and aggressiveness, has been seen as some major symptoms of autism.  However, simply taking vitamins for autism without medical consultation is not advised and consultation with a health care practitioner is always the first step to take. Having a medical professional will help you decide what are the best vitamins for autism and the accurate dosage. Each child is different and so the nutritional needs differ, it is important to maintain the balance . It is advisable to take autism supplements according to doctor’s advice only. Autism makes individuals very sensitive to any changes in diet. Understanding that children on the spectrum are extremely sensitive, Brainchild crafted an approach that is to offer supplements that are only hypoallergenic. In other words, all the supplements designed for Autism are selected to contain the lesser known ingredient causing allergic reactions or imbalances*. (*please be careful to always read the ingredients label to make sure your child has not an allergy to the content of the supplements). Our autism supplements are designed with most sensitive people in mind. Most of the time, autistic children are found unable to digest and absorb the nutrients properly out of their limited diet intake. Here, supplements for autism works to rebalance the nutrition in the diet, in addition to diet these autism supplements balances the level of essential elements in the body which children on the spectrum because of various genes would have not been able to digest from the diet alone.

The scope of vitamins and minerals, for a body, is not limited. It is important to know, which particular essential autism supplements will be really helpful to improve the metabolism and neurological conditions.

The nutritional autism supplements: 

Vitamins and Mineral: Essential for a healthy brain

In total there are 13 vitamins but among them the best vitamins for autism reported from studies and many surveys are B vitamins. They are crucial for brain development. The minerals like magnesium, zinc, selenium and trace minerals are equally supportive for the Neuro functions. Enhancing the level of vitamins and minerals  with Brainchild’s Spectrum Support Vitamins and Minerals is the goal. It is easy because these supplements are technologically advanced ultra-colloidal liquid suspension that allows being well absorbed in the digestive tract. These autism supplements do not contain any artificial colorings, flavorings or sweeteners. There is no sugar, gluten, casein, corn, soy or other allergens, and these are very low in phenols.

Add Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements to diet and enhance the body function of your child

Another most essential element for growth and development is Fatty Acid, needed throughout the life. This Essential Fatty Acid helps in the development of brain and nervous system, immune system and metabolism. DHA and EPA, the two types of Omega-3, are particularly essential for autistic kids. However it is not produced inside the body and therefore you have to depend on diet. Taking our Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) with lemon essence is also helpful. Many studies have shown positive mood and attention enhancement, as a result of Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplementation.

Probiotics: A healthy formula to stimulate Friendly Microbes

Probiotics are the stimulators that help to grow friendly bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract which improves the metabolic activities. If you are not getting this in sufficient amount from probiotics diet then our Maximum Strength Probiotic Formula can be taken to benefit the guts in a natural and safe manner.

Digestive Enzymes: Emulsify the food to boost up the positive mood.

The digestive enzymes help to emulsify the food so that it can be absorbed by the body easily. Autistic individual lacks the strength of breaking down the food particles and nutritional absorption. Supplements like our TriEnza Digestive Enzymes helps to improve the digestive function which ultimately boost the mood. If a body lacks these nutritionals in a natural way then the biomedical supplements like ours is there to help. Be it an autistic child or adult, taking these supplements, have shown satisfying results. Remember there is a solution to every problem and the nutritional supplements are there to curb autism.