Selecting A Formula

Rules of Thumb for Selecting a Formula

Grampa and grandsonMany customers ask us how to tell whether the vitamin and mineral formula they are using is an appropriate choice for them.  Here are some simple rules of thumb in selecting a formula:

1. Spectrum Support I is a great choice for most adults without major health issues, and for very mildly affected children.  Adults with significant neurological or environmental illness challenges may wish to start on Spectrum Support II, which provides higher levels of B vitamins and detoxification support.

2. The large majority of those on the autistic spectrum do well starting with a "medium" level supplement: Spectrum Support II with PAK is a great starting choice, unless they have already shown that they do well taking plenty of vitamin B6. Some remain on SSIIPAK for the long term, while others will transition to the slightly more intense B6 support of SSII and then up to SSIII, our highest-dose formula, after another 2-3 months, if additional support is desired.

3. It's a good idea for anyone who has been taking SSII successfully for longer than 2 months, to try out Spectrum Support III, to see if they could benefit from the additional level of support. Those with the highest need for vitamin B6 and detoxification support may benefit from such a change.

4. Advanced Sensitive Formula is a moderate level blended B6 formula for herb-sensitive individuals and those who are implementing certain biomedical programs, such as methyl B12 shots. It is also a great choice for those on the SCD or low oxalate diets, or who don't wish to take herbs.

5. Our Ultra-Sensitive formula is designed for the very few super-sensitive, who cannot take our regular formulas. We strongly suggest trying one of the regular formulas first, as they contain many important nutrients that have been reduced in Ultra-Sensitive formula to make it extremely easy to tolerate. Ultra Sensitive is also approved for the Specitic Carbohydrate diet.

6. If there are significant neuro or metabolic or sensory issues, but you are certain that there are NO digestive or gastrointestinal problems, you may want to start with Spectrum Support I, and consider moving up or ordering a trial size of Spectrum Support II with PAK to try after a month or two on Spectrum Support I. This is because if there are no gastrointestinal issues, nutrients may be well-absorbed, so lower amounts of nutrients may be needed. Please be aware that gastro intestinal issues are not always symptomatic, and it's a good idea to confirm this with stool testing.

7. We suggest that children under two years of age start out on one of our lower-dose formulas, such as Spectrum Support I or Ultra Sensitive Formula.

8. Many of our customers looking for a comprehensive, absorbable multivitamin for a less-affected sibling or family member of a more seriously affected child find Spectrum Support I an excellent choice.

9. Spectrum Support III has the highest levels of B vitamins and detoxification support. We have found that even those who have taken high-dose vitamins before do best starting on Spectrum Support II and working up to Spectrum Support III after a month or two at full dosage.  Remember that liquids absorb several times better than dry capsules or pills, when you are calculating your dosage needs.

10. SSI, SSII, SSIIPAK and SSIII are different vitamin formulas, used with the same mineral formula. The minerals come in a separate bottle with all of these vitamin formulas, so the dosages of each component can be adjusted separately, as needed.

11. SSI, SSII, SS Advanced Sensitive, SSIIPAK, SSIII are available in either natural lemon lime flavor or unflavored.  SS Ultra-Sensitive is only available unflavored.  The minerals that come with all of the Spectrum Support vitamin formulas are unflavored.

12. The lemon lime flavorings have been carefully selected to mask some of the underlying "vitamin" taste of the mixtures. Most of our customers find our flavored formulas to be palatable, especially when mixed with pear , orange, or another favorite juice.

13. Our unflavored formulas are designed for those who do not tolerate lemons or limes, do not like the flavors, or are on restrictive diets. They may also be used if the supplements will be given in a drink that would not mix well with our flavors.

14. Our vitamin and mineral formulas were designed to be used together. Our observations indicate that best results will be achieved using the vitamins and minerals together as designed.

15. Our mineral formulas were not designed to provide a full daily amount of calcium.  Please use calcium supplements for this purpose if needed.

16. Ultra Sensitive Formula vitamins and minerals are sometimes used by those wishing to avoid certain ingredients, such as herbs. If this is desired, customers may wish to provide some additional vitamins separately, especially vitamin B6.

Confused yet?  Feel free to give us a call, we love to help customers figure out the perfect fit!