It has been a while since I have done an ABC post, but I thought I would add in a letter since I have learned so much about this biochemical in the last year and it’s importance to a person or child’s health and well-being.

I have blogged about Glutathione a few times, here (acetaminophen/Tylenol LOWERS glutathione) and here (and so does aspartame). I am revisiting it today, in light of some recent blood work that we got back for Lady A and some new research I have done, that I feel VERY compelled to share, because I think this Mighty Chemical Glutathione {G} has implications in ALL OF OUR HEALTH!

This article is packed full of videos, details and articles about glutathione.  If you've never heard of glutathione, you should really bookmark it for serious study.  Even if you're an old-timer, you'll learn something.  Videos by Dr. Jill James, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Guilford and others, absolutely relevant to autism, and also related to virtually every other chronic disease.  Highly recommended.

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