About BrainChild Nutritionals Herbal Extracts

About Our Herbs

We are very proud of our herbal extracts.  Our extracts are easily assimilated by the body and have been custom formulated by our own herbalist, and very carefully made just for sensitive individuals.  We work very hard to make them exceptional!


We use gluten-free potato vodka as our only alcohol source in our tinctures, then gently remove the alcohol at low heat before bottling.  The resulting finished extracts are alcohol free and have never touched gluten.

Our staff herbalist extracts each herb according to its unique properties, as a water extract, alcohol extract, or both, so that we get the best therapeutic value out of each one.

We buy only top quality herbs, which we have confirmed through third-party testing.  

Our herbs are organically grown or wildcrafted in the U.S. whenever possible.

Our herbs are extracted the traditional way, whole, so you get all the helpful properties of the plant, rather than fractionating.  In our opinion, fractionated, standardized herbs are more like pharmaceuticals than complete herbs, as nature designed them.

We sweeten our extracts with low-glycemic natural sweeteners which don’t feed yeast.

We use kosher vegetable glycerine, which helps to naturally preserve our products as well as adding low-glycemic natural sweetness.

In a few of our products, we also use organic agave nectar from Madhava.  Madhava agave is superior in quality and truly low-glycemic, unlike some cheap agave nectar products you may have read about.  We also use stevia and honey in some products.  We do not use any artificial sweeteners or sugar.

All of our herbs are made with children’s palates in mind, good tasting and easy to take for adults or children alike.


Herbs & Health

The medicinal benefits of herbs has a long and respected history.  Herbs were the first means of healthcare used across different cultures throughout history to heal and treat a variety of ailments and illness.  In recent times public dissatisfaction with the cost of prescription medications and their side effects has led to an increase in herbal medicine use and returning to natural and organic remedies. 

Herbal supplements contain active ingredients from the various plant parts, including the roots, berries, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, and flowers.  The efficacy of many medicinal plants has been validated by scientist and in fact a multitude of our best known pharmaceutical medicines including aspirin, digitalis and quinine were originally derived from plants.  However, scientists look to identity, isolate, extract and synthesize the individual components of a herbs active properties.  Whole herbs contain other substances such as minerals, vitamins, volatile oils, glycosides, alkaloids and bioflavanoids that may work together to produce a herb’s medicinal properties.  Therefore unlike artificially synthesized substances, medicines extracted from plants are more accessible to the metabolism and offer synergistic interactions between ingredents both known and unknown.