Our Company

BrainChild Nutritionals is a company with a big heart, and a big mission: To help environmentally sensitive people find optimal nutrition, especially with regard to detoxification, digestion and the brain. 

We are have more than 10 years of experience in supporting individuals with autism, ADD/HD, and sensitive people of all ages. 

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life for many people living with autism and other environmental health concerns.  We design every supplement with extreme care, use them ourselves, and give them to our own children.  We take extra care with all of our Autism Supplements by personally researching and trying each product before we decide to make it or to carry it.

Our products are used to support the nutritional health of people with a wide range of environmental health concerns:

  • ·       Autism, PDD, Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD, Multiple-sensory Deficit Disorder (MSDD)
  • •       Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • •       Heavy Metal Toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivities
  • •       Alzheimers and middle-age cognitive decline (pre-Alzheimer’s)

Our aspiration is to support the nutrition of people living with environmental health issues.  Environmentally sensitive people do not tolerate supplements easily.  BrainChild’s gentle liquids are hypoallergenic, using only the most easily absorbed, hypoallergenic forms of each nutrient, and without extra additives or fillers, designed with the most sensitive individuals in mind.

We are an independent company, and we make the supplements ourselves, in the U.S.A.  The kind of attention we give each of our products is rare in the supplement business these days!  We design every product with extreme care, use them ourselves.  Our products are made in small batches, to ensure potency, purity and freshness. 

We only sell products that we really understand and feel good about, so you can trust the quality of everything we sell under our name.  We use our own products and give them to our children, too, so you can feel comfortable taking them and giving them to your own kids. 


We care about the environment, just like you do.  At BrainChild, we use only non-toxic cleaners throughout our facility.  We recycle.  Outside of work, many of us ride bikes or walk to get around.  We compost.  We raise our own pastured eggs and grow organic gardens.  We walk our talk, and our products show it!